The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations
The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations
by Woody Brison

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has gotten much criticism, from its very early years and onward.

I make a distinction between critics of the church and antimormons. A critic is someone who sees a fault in the church and points it out. An antimormon is, under my definition, someone who is willing to lie to discourage people away from the church.

Liars are actually servants of the devil, whether they know it or not. If you're going to have that boss, be aware that the working conditions will be unpleasant, the challenges to even your ethics will be awful, and the pay will be extremely meager. Your job is to prowl around the church, looking for something, anything, to accuse us with.

Specific Antimormons
* Eber Howe * Stenhouse * Fawn Brodie * The Tanners * Richard Abanes * Isaiah Bennett

Most Mormons just ignore the critics. A few of us find it amusing to debate them, research the issues, and educate the public. The premise is that a lot of people are being steered wrong by the antimormons, and I have the knowledge to set them straight. I have yet to find a valid accusation. But the antimormons don't go away. If one goes away, another appears. Their boss stirs them up.

Who is it that accuses, accuses, accuses? (see Revelation 12:7-12)

Famous Defenders of the Faith
* Hugh Nibley
* Browns

One thing we can do, is once an issue is resolved, to publish the answers. Here we go:

Joseph Smith
  • Joseph Smith was lazy.
  • There was no revival at the time JS said.
  • Joseph told several inconsistent versions of the First Vision.
  • The chronology JS gave cannot be reconciled.
  • Joseph Smith was a scam artist.
  • JS became a Methodist, contrary to his first vision.
  • JS got a revelation to sell the Book of Mormon copyright, which proved to be a false revelation.
  • JS's bank failed.
  • Joseph Smith said there were people on the Moon.
  • JS was into the occult.
  • JS was fooled by the K plates.
  • JS's White Horse prophecy is bogus.
  • JS married young girls.
  • JS married other men's wives.
  • JS lied about polygamy.
  • JS boasted.
  • JS shut down a newspaper, contrary to the Constitution.
  • JS shot and killed several people in Carthage.
  • JS died not as a martyr but in a gunfight.

    Book of Mormon History
  • Joseph Smith never had any gold plates.
  • No one ever saw them.
  • The plates were fake.
  • The only people who ever saw them were party to the scam.
  • Some of these witnesses changed their story.
  • They stuck to their story because they were promised riches.
  • They stuck to their story because they were coerced with threats to their families.
  • The plates were conveniently taken away by the angel so we can't examine them.
  • He looked at a rock in a hat to translate.
  • The plates weren't even in the room when Joseph translated the Book of Mormon.
  • Ancient people never wrote on plates.
  • A stack of gold would be too heavy to carry.
  • Some of the witnesses were liars.
  • JS made up the story of Zelph.

    Book of Mormon Forgery Theory
  • Book of Mormon place names are modern.
  • The Book of Mormon came from View of the Hebrews.
  • The Book came from Solomon Spaulding's novel.
  • The Book of Mormon was really written by Sidney Rigdon.

    Book of Mormon Textual Problems
  • The Book of Mormon has Jesus born in Jerusalem.
  • Nephi found treasures and he didn't.
  • JS plagiarized the King James Bible.
  • The Book of Mormon carries KJ translation errors.
  • The Book of Mormon calls the Sea of Galilee the Red Sea.

    Book of Mormon Doctrines
  • No Christian would ever have killed Laban.
  • The Book doesn't contain the fulness of the Gospel.
  • The Nephites didn't seem to observe the Law much.

    Book of Mormon Archaeology
  • Anthon never thought the characters were genuine.
  • There is absolutely zero archaeological evidence for the Book of Mormon. Not one shred. Not one molecule.
  • The Smithsonian has researched the Book of Mormon and it's fake.
  • DNA studies conclude that native Americans didn't come from Jerusalem; they came from Asia.
  • Book of Mormon geography matches the area near the JS farm.
  • Book of Mormon geography doesn't match anywhere in America.
  • There's no such thing as Reformed Egytian.
  • The Book of Mormon talks about a river that ran continuously into the Red Sea. No such river exists or ever did exist.
  • There were no horses in precolumbian America.
  • There were no elephants in precolumbian America.
  • There was no wheat in ancient America.
  • There was no barley in precolumbian America.
  • There was no steel in ancient America.
  • There were no swords in ancient America.
  • There was no glass in precolumbian America.
  • There were no coins in ancient America.
  • There were no wheels in ancient America.
  • Native Americans had no wine or grapes; in fact grapes won't grow anywhere in the Americas. Only in Italy.
  • Native American languages don't show any signs of Hebrew.
  • Native Americans had no writing.
  • Native Americans had no cities.
  • Native Americans had no roads.
  • Book of Mormon population figures are unrealistic.

    The Book of Abraham
  • Scholars said Joseph's translations are bogus.
  • The papyrus has been located and it's an Egyptian funerary text, nothing to do with Abraham.
  • Fac. 1 - JS said the four figures represent "the earth in its four quarters". They are jars to hold the organs of the embalmed person.
  • JS claimed his papyrus was written by Abraham, including a personal signature, but it's now dated to the time of Christ.
  • Fac. 2 had parts missing, which JS replaced with text from another papyrus, and therefore something.
  • Fac. 2 fig 7 is naughty.
  • The KEP show that JS expanded the text on that papyrus into the Book of Abraham.
  • JS's restorations on Fac. 1 have turned a bird w feathers into a hand.
  • JS's restorations in Fac. 1 have the priest all wrong.
  • Fac. 3 - people are misidentified

    Brigham Young
  • Brigham Young took over the Church after JS's death.
  • Brigham Young said Adam was God, which is nonsense.
  • Brigham Young said gold was growing.
  • Brigham Young said if the Salt Lake Temple were made of abobe brick, it would turn into granite.
  • Brigham Young taught Blood Atonement.
  • Brigham Young said there were people in the Sun.

    John Taylor
  • JT said there was no polygamy

    Ezra Taft Benson
  • Ezra Taft Benson was a sick old man.

    Gordon B. Hinckley
  • Gordon B. Hinckley lied about the Salamander letter.
  • Gordon B. Hinckley lied about the doctrine of deification.

    Mormon Doctrines
  • Polygamy is wrong.
  • The Garden of Eden was in Mesopotamia, not Missouri.
  • Testimony: the heart is hopelessly evil.
  • Mormons think they must earn salvation by doing good works. This is wrong, Jesus saves those who believe in him, or confess his name (once in their life), or something - not those who do good works.
  • The church of Jesus Christ never went away.
  • Baptism for the Dead is a false doctrine.
  • The Bible warns us against genealogy.
  • The Bible warns us against Mormonism.

    The Mormons in General
  • Mormons are not Christian.
  • Mormonism is a cult.
  • Mormons have this secret army, the Danites.
  • The Mormoms murdered a bunch of people in Mountain Meadows, showing their true nature.
  • The name Mormon means 'Gates of Hell' in Chinese.
  • The Temple ceremonies feature bloody oaths.

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