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What Mormons Dont Believe
by Woody Brison

Front Matter
3.30 What Mormons Really Believe
4.10 Except for quotations
4.50 Published by...
4.80 www.catholic.com
9.10 This work is in reparation...

Preface and Acknowledgments
11.30 The curse of Cain
11.40 Typical Mormon reaction to criticism
11.60 Mormons "demonize" their opponents
11.70 This book is contentious
11.80 A comprehensive presentation
11.90 First-hand knowledge and experience
12.20 Beware of lawless men

13.40 This strange American religion
13.50 How could anyone believe this
13.60 Written by those critical of Mormonism
13.70 Mormonism was not a Christian faith
13.80 Produced and bought with counterfeit tender
13.85 Good works do not correct bad teachings
13.90 In the heart of Mormonism
14.70 Mormonism's false promise of easy salvation
15.12 Evangelism
15.13 Trust Your Feelings
15.50 My Prayer was not Fruitful
16.10 I asked a woman...
16.30 Destined for great things
16.65 The lack of spirituality
16.75 Our testimonies were no longer strong enough
16.80 Mormonism's permissive policies on abortion

Early Mormon Stages
21.10 Mormonism's doctrine has changed
21.20 "A breezy resolve"
21.50 Trusted in her own interpretation
21.55 Smith's father embraced the universalist position
21.70 Mormons teach a changeable God
22.10 the elder Smith learned...
22.15 They generally avoided organized religion
22.20 Not attested by outward miracles
22.55 All who professed belief were corrupt
22.65 He attached himself to one
22.70 Its foundations are Protestant
22.80 Wesley P. Walters
23.25 Nephi or Moroni
24.70 A language he called "Reformed Egyptian"
25.25 No one had actually seen the plates
25.55 Removed any mention
A review of
"Inside Mormonism
What Mormons Really Believe"
by Isaiah Bennett

Isaiah Bennett's book is surprisingly childish and spiteful. He has included every single negative thing about the Mormons he could find, without regard whatsoever whether it's true, and excluded everything positive about them.

And yet some people, unfamiliar with us, or forgetting what we are like, will take this book as the Gospel Truth.

After some thought, I decided the best way to help with this would be to write a catalog of the whoppers in the book. Here they are.

Barry Bickmore has also written a review of this same book, available on the Maxwell Institute website. My review is from a different POV, focusing on minute details whereas his takes an overall approach.

This review is a work in progress. I decided there is enough so far to be of value. I will gradually add to it as circumstances permit.

Mormon Organization
49.40 Not always known by its current title
I've given Bennett's text an indexing system to assist the student in locating things:

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