The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations
A Comprehensive Presentation of Mormon Teachings
by Woody Brison

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Bennett's statement: This work aims to be a comprehensive presentation of Mormon teachings...
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The book fails at this so miserably, so pathetically, so distressingly, that this simply could not have been the author's intent. It's as different from what Mormons teach as Hitler was from Mother Teresa, and I mean that in all sincerity.

When we send missionaries out to teach our doctrines, or when we set apart a teacher for one of our classes, whether Sunday School, Seminary, Institute, or whatever, that person is authorized by the Lord to teach. When some random person sets up to do this, you don't know if he's teaching the right doctrines, or where he got them, or whether he cares about truth, or anything else. It is a basic principle among us that we reject persons who are not so authorized but claim to be.

DC 42:11
Mosiah 23:17-18
DC 20:60-67

Imagine shopping for a new car. The Ford dealer is in a good position to give you accurate, relevant information about Fords; he has lots of their cars, drives them all the time, and he has access to the engineering and test data of Fords - not Chevies. Vice versa for the Chevy dealer. Where they give you information about the competition, be aware that they have less access, and they might yield to that temptation, perhaps unknowingly, to warp things just a teensy.

The only competent procedure is to examine both sides and evaluate them as thoroughly as the value warrants. For a two-dollar baseball hat, you might just give the claims a cursory glance. For a car costing a year's salary, you will probably spend time and effort to identify the best. For your eternal life, anything short of an all-out effort is shortsighted.

To understand an important question, read a few books on both sides; then it usually becomes clear if one side's lying.

There's a wide range of information about Mormonism: pro, con, and some in between. There's very little favorable I could find in Bennett's book. That simply is not comprehensive, it's tunnel vision.

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