The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations
In the Heart of Mormonism
by Woody Brison

This is one leaf of a review of "Inside Mormonism: What Mormons Really Believe" by Isaiah Bennett
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Bennett's statement: These were the thoughts I brought to Salt Lake City in March 1992. [Mormons aren't Christian, their good works are evil, etc.] Nothing I experienced during my five days in the heart of Mormonism changed my opinion.
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This reminds me of the Reverend Henry Caswall, an Episcopal minister, who visited Nauvoo in 1842. He stayed several days in Montrose, across the Mississippi from Nauvoo; talked to numerous antimormons, and got all the lurid stories they could tell. He went over to Nauvoo 3 times, spending a total of 8 to 12 hours among the Mormons. Then he went back home and wrote a book about his great fact-finding expedition. The great distinguishing feature he claimed for his information was that it was all "firsthand".

Bennett repeated, unwittingly perhaps, the same exercise. Anyone can go to Salt Lake, hang around the bus station, walk the sidewalks, eat in the cafes, take the tour of the Salt Lake Tabernacle, hear the Choir practice on Thursday evening, go swim in the brine lake, go to the department store... what does all that do for you? The derelicts in the bus station will make claims, but how much of it's true? The guides on Temple Square can tell you the history, but if you believe that's all just unreliable propaganda... it leaves you with essentially no information as a result of your expedition "in the heart of Mormonism".

If you want to ferret out the secrets of an organization you believe to be evil, you must hack into their emails and servers, and place microphones and moles in their most secret conference rooms, where the highest leaders meet and work. Even then it's iffy. What you can pick up on the sidewalk outside is nearly worthless.

Notice that Bennett says not a word of what actually happened in Salt Lake.

Other people in Nauvoo also wrote down the events, which didn't agree with Caswall's, and over the years he issued six revisions of his book, with six different stories of what happened, in disagreement with each other.

With two shelves full of antimormon books he'd studied, tho, it's hard to imagine Bennett hadn't read of Caswall's adventure.
The only reliable indicators are the results of the organization's activities: how many people converted, what are they taught and guided to do, how many widows visited, how many orphans adopted, how many homeless fed and sheltered, how many derelicts helped to find jobs. How expensive are the homes of the leaders, and of the followers. Are they known for their honesty, charity, virtue? Results never lie. Matt. 7:15-20

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