The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations
by Woody Brison

This is one leaf of a review of "Inside Mormonism: What Mormons Really Believe" by Isaiah Bennett
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Bennett's words: ...the basic principle of Mormon evangelism...
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The terms "evangelism" or 'evangelist' don't figure in the Mormon system. I can't believe that Bennett would be ignorant of this; maybe he's trying to express disdain, or maybe he's just trying to communicate with non-mormons.

The term evangelist has three meanings:

1) One who shares the gospel with those that don't have it, helping them find it, accept it, join the Church. This is Bennett's meaning. We call such a person a missionary.

2) One who preaches brash, emotionally intense sermons to whip up zeal; people are urged to come forward and do some demonstration to prove or cement their faith, such as throwing away their crutches or whatever. Many charlatans have used this means to get rich, built a cult, etc. and that, I suspect, is why Mormons avoid the word evangelist.

3) A special kind of prophet who issues prophecies for individuals concerning their life and future. We call such a prophet a 'Patriarch'. Both the Old and New Testaments carry several instances of such prophecies, as does the Book of Mormon. This is explained further in the Doctrine and Covenants. A similar kind of prophecy or blessing may be pronounced over a young child. Every child and every disciple of Christ is entitled to a blessing of this kind.

The NT uses the term evangelist without defining it; Protestants assume that definitions 1 or 2 above is what these passages refer to. With modern revelation, we have a better understanding of this calling, and we've been enjoying the benefits of it for 180 years.
Genesis 27, 49, 48:8-20; Luke 1:67-79, 2:25-33; Matthew 19:13-15, Mark 10:13-16; 2Nephi 2, 3, 4:3-11; DC 20:70, 107:39-41+. Acts 21:8, 2Tim. 4:5, Eph. 4:11.

"An evangelist is a Patriarch, even the oldest man of the blood of Joseph or of the seed of Abraham. Wherever the Church of Christ is established in the earth, there should be a Patriarch for the benefit of the posterity of the Saints, as it was with Jacob in giving his patriarchal blessing unto his sons..." -Joseph Smith, 1839 June, HC 3:381

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