The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations
Trusted in Her Own Interpretation
by Woody Brison

This is one leaf of a review of "Inside Mormonism: What Mormons Really Believe" by Isaiah Bennett
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Bennett's statement: His mother eschewed all churches and trusted, instead, in her own interpretation of the Bible.
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Getting to know Bennett's thinking as I work thru his book, I think I can guess what he means by this. Traditional Christians for many centuries have been led by their ministers and priests; these tell them what the scriptures mean. Instead of reading what the scriptures mean for themselves, the people get the meaning explained to them by the minister. Bennett thinks this is right and correct.

When Catholics controlled England, it was made illegal to translate the Bible into English, or to own or read such a book. Their idea was that the priest should study it (in Latin, per Catholic doctrine) and explain it to the common people, who were not encouraged to learn to read.

In America, we had different ideas. Mother Smith read the Bible herself. She knew how to read. She had a Bible in English. She understood English. So she didn't accept preachers' precepts that contradicted those things. And there weren't any churches or ministers that didn't do that. If this was what Bennett meant, it is correct.

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