The Catalog of Antimormon Accusations
Variously, Nephi or Moroni
by Woody Brison

This is one leaf of a review of "Inside Mormonism: What Mormons Really Believe" by Isaiah Bennett
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Bennett's statement: ...a heavenly messenger (whom Smith called, variously, Nephi or Moroni) appeared to him...
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This is an old, very tired antimormon accusation. The refutation of it is very easy; I refer you to the explanations at the right.

The thing to notice here is that Bennett tosses this out with such an air of certainty. He might have said, "It seems that..." or "Some people have pointed out that..." but his style seems to be

'Even If It's So Stupid a Lemur Would Laugh at it,
If it Maligns the Mormons, Say it With Certainty'.

The Shields website has a good and adequate answer. The FairMormon database has a little more thorough, possibly less adroit answer.

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